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Website maintainance in wpwakanda

Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance

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In the world of web development, security is the main reason why website maintenance is important, and the main problem that often makes headlines. Some people may think that it is about identifying and removing constantly occurring errors, but that is not quite true. 

Maintenance of a website consists of the continued validation of the pages, addition of features, updating content and so on, in addition to regular maintenance of the website. Maintaining a website involves monitoring problems that may require us to take your website offline and ensuring that the software you use is up-to-date and secure. Additionally, to improve the maintenance of your website, you need to take measures such as checking broken links, checking analytics, ensuring device compatibility, performing speed tests, updating contact information, and so on.

On an unfortunate note, you must be aware that web developers and hosting providers may compromise software and other updates but you should never ignore them. As a result, we recommend you hand over complete control of your website to us so we can effectively mitigate the chances of anything going wrong. And just incase we are responsible for the developement of your website, you wouldn’t need to worry about the initial requirements. Ensuring this would enable us to promptly apply security updates as they become available as well as streamline the updates of contents on your website(s) to ensure that they continue to run smoothly, uninterrupted. 

The associated cost of maintaining one’s site may depend on a number of things, including, but not limited to, the personnel involved, hosting provider, frequency of content updates just to name a few. For example, regular maintenance of your website will ensure that no unexpected things happen to the platform regardless of the cost of emergency repairs. 

At WPWakanda, we recommend regular website maintenance so you don’t have to make unnecesarily high payments for emergency repairs. The longer you wait for web maintaiance the higher your chances of having an accident that may take your site offline. Like they say, prevention is better than cure therefore, outsourcing the maintenance of your website and minimizing or eliminating security gaps keeping your website(s) at their best ensures that your visitors find the information they need, and the security of their data which will in turn allow you to focus on the growth of your business and not hinder it. 

Maintaining your website requires time, discipline and technical know-how that may include the optimization of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript at which point our website maintenance strategy may improve the overall speed while streamlining the application of updates to the site.

In the process of optimization, we ensure that all aspects of your web application work properly in the most commonly used browsers. We consider the quality check of JavaScript code that can be included as part of regular web page maintenance routines and our rock solid hosting and maintenance services can help you stay online by keeping your website fresh, up-to-date and functional. 

If you’ve recently launched a website, this continued support is valuable because many new website owners lack the skills to perform all the important tasks that need to be done pre-and post lauch of their website … Fortunately for you, you can easily delegate the responsibility for website updates, maintenance and auditing to our team of professional website developers for the painless long term success of your business.

As a designated WordPress maintenance provider all our technical services have been optimized to ensure an exponential success rate in our optimzation tactics with a emphasis on performance. As a result of our tools and extensive experience, we endeavor to always keep your site in a consistent low-maintainance state to prevent unwarranted hiccups that may break your site unannounced or take you offline for extended periods. 

For context, our WordPress website maintainance include: cleaning up old plugins, upgrading WordPress and optimizing your WordPress site, regular security checks and support for your site, ensuring that you have all the important data at your disposal in case your site gets hacked, scheduling regular maintenance and back ups, removing inactive website administrators, daily or weekly scanning of malware, informing your website visitors about scheduled downtime, and using a high-quality WordPress mode plugin.

When a WordPress site is put into maintenance mode, only administrators and people with granted access can view and use the site. It is a way to get your website into a state where you have to deal with some administrative tasks that would affect the performance of the website or otherwise render the website unusable. 

In most cases, WordPress maintenance services can be quite expensive, but you can avoid the hassle by opting for a high-quality WordPress maintenance service which is what we provide here at WPWakanda. As the table below indicates, you can effectively compare our services with the competition. 

Table of Contents

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