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Web Migration

Web Migration

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Web migration is the process of transferring your web presence from one content management system to another for better workload management and flexibility. At WPWakanda, we pride ourselves in our WordPress expertise considering its popularity on the web. It’s common knowledge that over 70% of websites on the internet run on WordPress and this essentially means that there are a plethora of tools that effectively enables you to extend the platform as much as you want with plugins while maintaining a certain level of robustness. 

Depending on the complexity of your website, migrating can be a huge thing especially if it is a critical system. We pride ourselves in our flexibility and ability to make the process as painless as possible. One of the most important factors in the process of migrating is ensuring that your search engine optimization (SEO) settings remain intact and functional and Depending on the CMS you’re migrating from, we will outline the steps necessary to complete the migration of your website(s). In essence, we endeavour that the transition from your old CMS to WordPress is as smooth as possible.

On that note, we will strive to ease the pain of URL redirection to prevent anything that may stop your site from getting crawled by the major search engines after the migration process. We achieve this by defining the elements that need to be migrated so that we can individually check them to ensure quality control during migration. Following this process essentially enables us to ensure that you are still on your way to the new site after the migration and that your SEO visibility is not negatively impacted.

Some site migrations work on the same principle as a host change, but with different requirements as the case would be if we’re handling your transfer to ensure overall control over the process and post-migration optimizations. This may include the use of a new domain name, a new hosting provider, and a hostname. Irrespective of your requirements, we will be able to optimize your new site to the best of our ability while maintaining a high degree of consistency. 

As mentioned earlier, the changes you make will inevitably affect your rankings, but at Wpwakanda, we will make sincere efforts so that these changes will be reflected for the better in your new WordPress website. With a painstakingly planned checklist, you can be rest-assured that you won’t have to chase your tail by the time the process has been finalized. 

Furthermore, we will continue to monitor your newly migrated site over time to avoid undoing configurations and unnecessary complications during the procedure. The long-term success of your website post-migration demands that you remain frugal by making as little changes as possible within the first few years of migrating to WordPress. 

A migration project on a website is also a good time to reassess the 301 diversions you currently have. If you migrate a site framework or CMS and also migrate the domain of secondary migration, we will need to fix as many problems as possible. Fixing these errors is just as imperative as the 302 diversions that will be carried out during the migration and eventually converted to 301 for an eventual publication on the new website. 

Every web migration need is unique to the website in question as some of the primary factors may involve a redesign or CMS change. Additionally, you may need to redefine the SEO requirements that apply to you and your developers. 

As with any complex infrastructure, there are many moving parts during the process of website migration, which means that a lot can go wrong, and there are many risks at stake for SEO which is why your work must be in good hands. 

While it is normal to see a drop in traffic and rankings immediately after a migration (and even more after), a long-term decline suggests a problem with migration to your site. Typically a good migration will be accompanied by even better SEO which is reflected in better rankings in search results, while a bad migration will be apparent in your website’s disappearance from the search engines.

At WPWakanda, we guarantee your SEO settings will remain secure and intact throughout the migration process, which essentially ensures the success of your migration as well as the long-term health and viability of your platform and your company. 

To recap, a website migration may be described as an event that changes your website in such a way that it may affect the visibility of your platform in search results. It remains such that when a website is moved from one environment to another or there is a change in the domain name of the website. A good website migration involves maintaining and reworking your websites in an area that affects visibility in the search engines while managing the biggest problems that may arise and Wpwakanda is here for you all through the process. Visit our pricing page to learn more.

Table of Contents

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