Nigeria Online Case Study


Nigeria in this day and age is regarded as the giant of Africa for reasons such as its economic prowess, population density, and significant cultural diversity coupled with an extensive landmass. At the core of Nigeria’s governing body is a democratically instituted model of government wherein political representatives are elected into office by the people to accomplish the goal of unifying the country and her people.

We’ve created “Nigeria Online” as an initiative to ensure that this system of governance doesn’t falter and is held to the highest standard of the democratic model as enshrined in the constitution of the country.

Feature Highlights

Groups and forums:

Nigeria Online features designated groups for all states in Nigeria which house corresponding forums that cater to the local governments of each of the 36 states. This essentially enables us to implement the generic features of gamification across the board without much hassle. 


Gamification is the intentional application of video game design elements and principles in non-traditional contexts. In the case of Nigeria Online, gamification will enable us to optimize the site for a game-centric application to bolster engagement and user experience towards our intrinsic goal of encouraging political engagement.  

Gamification will give us the ability to create activities and processes of varying degrees to solve problems and minimize friction while using the platform by heavily borrowing and applying well-known characteristics of game elements with a psychological approach and political undertone.


As an additional value to the “Nigeria Online” platform, we thought it best to include an eCommerce marketplace to encourage engagement across the board and this platform will be tailored to the diverse states and their local governments. The marketplace will function such that both individuals and businesses will be able to coordinate trade to the effect of contributing to the overall “Nigeria Online” community and growing its user base.


Nigeria Online will be instituting a voting platform to work on legislation and encourage participation across the board. This is, in effect, is supposed to educate Nigerians on their political landscape together with incentives that will see to the maximization of this platform.

The primary goal of Nigeria Online will remain politically-centric and we will continually add features and functionalities that support the goal of strengthening Nigeria’s political institutions.

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