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Landing Page

Landing Page

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Landing pages are the first page from which a visitor can access your website – a series of hyperlinks to different pages that can be clicked regardless of the time of day or place. However, there is often no right or wrong approach and you can have several possible landing pages that aim to differentiate between audiences or set for specific purposes such as sales amongst other things. By application, landing pages can span several use cases with a generic function of placing a CTA for direct conversion as a means to an end.

Having expertise in landing pages essentially highlights our expertise in the copywriting aspect of landing pages as well as the corresponding page SEO strategy. As a fundamental requirement, great landing sites would be amiss without a well-rounded technical knowledge on the creator’s end. The question of a need of a web designer for a landing page should not just be based on web building skills but the additional necessity of SEO expertise and familiarity with the target industry. Essentially a case-study on the subject matter for a well-rounded overview on the related details.

A successful landing page should, therefore, be paired with a robust social media strategy for a well-rounded approach to the growth of your business in the general internet community. 

An ideal landing page example is the home page because it represents the first impression you’ve dedicated to your potential clients – a way to welcome visitors to your site by pointing them to where they may need to go next. If the homepage is only there to convert visitors to the site, it cannot be a landing page. However, when you tie your landing pages to an email campaign, it becomes imperative that it seamlessly fits the overall look and feel of the website for a successful conversion of the target audience. 

As an unobvious point, a landing page may not be defined in any particular way as any form you use to turn visitors into leads is a “landing page” in its own right. Effectively, the primary differentiator for landing pages is the associated complexities and the intentions behind them. A distinguishing non-feature of a landing page, however, is the inherent mandate of not overloading the page with links.

In respect of an ad, a landing page is a web page that appears when a potential customer clicks on an ad or search engine result link to fulfil a specific intent. It is the website that displays a link to the ad you have clicked on, such as an ad on your website’s home page or a search results page. Landing pages are the websites that appear when visitors visit a website, when they click on one of the links in the search engines, for example, a page on Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. 

At the simplest level, a landing page is a website that visitors access after clicking on an ad or link. Everything called a “landing page” is designed to maximize the impact of an online marketing call – too – on a potential customer’s visit to your site. Landing pages can be anything from landing a person on your website by clicking on a link to a search engine results page, clicking through an online marketing call to action, to an email. 

Although landing pages are most commonly used in advertising to specifically encourage consumers to convert, they can also subtract individual pages from other clicks – utilizing options (main purchase terms). PPC landing pages, as well as landing pages in social media, must be keyword – specific and linked to other pages on the website. 

They are classified as landing pages because they are more than just one page and because the destination to which the visitor is directed is controlled by paid online ads. Landing pages are typically stand-alone websites that are used to convert web traffic into leads and sales, rather than merely presenting the information. Although many companies use some form of a landing page, they’re typically underused as the majority of the designated pages serve a temporary purpose but if optimized correctly, they can continue to serve an extended purpose in example cases of long term campaigns.

In the modern business age, landing pages can be a crucial part of a business that actively turns online visitors into lead sales with a specific call-to-action that functions similarly to the main page of your website but have a different focus. At WPWakanda, be rest assured in our ability to craft you a befitting landing page that is optimized with accuracy and a focus on ROI. Visit our pricing page to learn more.

Table of Contents

Digital solutions that bring results
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