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ItsChromeOS Case Study

ItsChromeOS Case Study

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ItschromeOS as a service started off in 2018 with an emphasis on Chrome OS, a relatively new and budding operating system with a promising future. As a Chrome OS-centric website, the platform is especially dear to me considering my background as a technical writer. 

After years of freelancing for notable websites like, I went ahead to co-found in 2016 which eventually led to the founding of ItsChromeOS in 2018 as my first standalone project.

It’s been two years now and ItschromeOS is a testament to the culmination of the experiences I’ve garnered through the years as a technical writer and editor.

Driven by a passion to make technology-related information easily accessible and most importantly digestible, we sort out to make ItsChromeOS more than a website that covers not only the latest news on Chrome OS but an all-encompassing experience in the image of Chrome OS unique within a saturated blogging sphere.

My vision in regards to ItsChromeOS was to create a sense of uniqueness that wasn’t just limited to information delivery, I wanted the website to bring a sense of belonging to every Chrome user no matter how tech-savvy they may be. 

Building the website in accordance with my vision has been an endearing task but one I’ve enjoyed nonetheless. It’s our hope to continually optimize the platform so it remains timeless in all ramifications.

Since ItsChromeOS is primarily centered around Google’s titular operating system, we had to make sure every aspect of the site strictly adhered to a certain level of continuity hence our decision to adopt the Google color code across every nook and cranny of the platform. This is especially important because consistency cannot be overemphasized and this attitude is arguably what has inspired our work across the varying platforms we’ve been developing.

ItschromeOS Feature Set

Device Catalog:

Compared to Windows and Mac OS, Chrome OS is a relatively new operating system with very little outreach in the general consumer PC space but a respectable market share of the educational market nonetheless. Chrome OS strongly emphasizes simplicity and user experience with a low barrier of entry as the majority of Chromebooks are relatively cheap. ]

This realization enabled us to put up the feat of establishing a device catalog where every single Chromebook ever created can be showcased in painstaking detail.

The Device Catalog page is essentially a centralized information center for every Chromebook ever manufactured. Each device gets a complete spec sheet with emphasis with the ability to compare devices across categories.

The Device Catalog page isn’t only exclusive to Chromebooks, Chromebases or Chromebits, there are plans in place to include printers as well as Chrome OS accessories.

It is our hope to add more features to ItsChromeOS as time goes on to create an identity unique in all ramification. 

Groups and Forums:

The future of ItsChromeOS relies heavily on its user base and our ability to create an experience that ties all the components of the platform together for easier navigability and tailored user experience. This will allow for an all-encompassing website dedicated to the success of any Chrome OS users.

As a result, we decided to create groups and corresponding forums that will cater to the unique needs of Chromebook users.  For what it’s worth, new and avid Chrome OS users will be able to share their experiences,  earn points, interact with our Marketplace and so much more.

Technology stack:

Powering the core of ItsChromeOS is the open-source WordPress web development platform with PHP powering the backend and the combo of HTML, CSS, and JS glorifying the frontend. We intend the development of this blogging website to be ever-evolving as we continue to expand the functionality it offers and this is an attitude we hope to replicate across all our projects. 

Table of Contents

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