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Coronabro Case Study

Coronabro Case Study

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An unfortunate pandemic befell the world towards the end of 2019 sweeping through urban and rural settlements and claiming lives with impunity. As a hobbyist, I set out to contribute my bit by developing a platform that would keep track of the status of the virus while taking advantage of the contact tracing APIs provided by both Apple and Google to minimise the transmissibility of the virus. 

The implementation of the contact tracing API and other technologies would enable us to actively work against the virus and future outbreaks as we’re gearing the platform towards a full viral database.

In effect, Coronabro won’t just act as a platform to track the status of the Coronavirus but will also provide painstaking details on other relevant viruses pre and post-corona.

Ideally, the Coronabro initiative is not just to track the status of deadly viruses but to provide a medium for people to connect with emergency services if/when a need is required.

Table of Contents

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