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wpwakanda branding and design

Branding and Design

Branding and Design

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The past two decades have seen the world move from a legacy system of a manufacturing-exclusive economy to a much more resilient consumption-based system that moves in tandem with technology. This has been the fuel that resulted in the explosion of social media platforms like Facebook and the unstoppable vertical rise of E-commerce services like Amazon. This exponential growth coupled with the great dot com boom has created a new avenue for both individuals and big business allowing them to move and consolidate much of their products and services.

The proliferation of the great dot com companies has also helped push the advancement and availability of platform building tools. With a combination of thirty-five years of experience in between the staff at WPWakanda, we’ve garnered enough experience between building your next big dream being a website for your business, or an e-commerce store. We’ve successfully carved a niche out for ourselves and clients alike with a plethora of offerings in our web package. We’ve endeavoured to provide the best when we operated privately and now that we’re fully established, we’ve developed an entire suite of services for a subscription at your convenience.

Our clientele range from small business owners looking to build their first recognizable platform to enterprise businesses hoping to expand their reach within what is now a saturated market with no end in sight. However, what we’ve done differently with our offering is a platform that encompasses a variety of unique web services that will cater to your web presence. 

In what is a saturated market with technologies and frameworks in constant evolution, you’re overwhelmed with options that are rather constricted as opposed to fulfilling. What we offer is quite literally beyond the industry-standard with gamification and animations that unravel a story as a user scrolls through pages on your site. At WPWakanda we hope to build a platform that is both interactive and yet doesn’t cheat on the amount of information shown to your visitors. Prefer something plain but artistically pleasing to look at? We can do that for you and make sure your visitors don’t get easily bored every time they visit your site. 

At WPWakanda, we believe in transparency and efficiency, tag along as we lay the building blocks of your web platform. Have a change of heart during development? Tell us and we will look for the best ways to realize these ideas without having to readjust our agreed delivery deadline. This way you get what you asked for exactly how you want it. 

Web design:

The term “web design” as a component of web development is usually used to describe a design process related to the design of a website or web application, including writing markups. Web design covers a variety of different areas of web design, such as content management systems (CMS) and web applications. This includes creating standardized code and proprietary software, as well as the design of the user interface and user experience. 

A web designer has working knowledge in all aspects of web design, although the extent of such knowledge varies from one web designer to another as their roles may include creating markups, familiarity with open source technologies, and a respectable number of years in experience. They are also expected to be aware not only of the Web accessibility guidelines but also of visual aspects such as the layout, colours and typography of a Web page. Web designers also need to be aware of their usability, as they are involved in the design of the user interface and user experience. 

The user experience of a UX designer includes all aspects of user-centric design, including user-centric design. After the product is launched, they collect user feedback, which feeds into a new round of user research and thus gets the process back on track. Then they would develop a design solution that solves the user’s most important needs and then bring the prototype back to the users to test its validity and usability. 

While user research is part of the work of a web designer, its greatest advantage can be found when you switch to UX design. Don’t worry, you’ll have many opportunities to learn more about the best methods of guiding users – research to learn more. Read on for more information on the different types of research that you can read in our User Research and User Experience section of the Web Design Guide to learn more about it. 

It may seem obvious, but you need design knowledge to be a web designer, and in this case, design principles are what determines the look and feel of your website. The visual design is focused on digital products, so it may be different than you expect. In other words, visual design is about delving into details, from creating mood boards and type hierarchies to experimenting with web fonts and colour palettes. 

UX is primarily about looking at design from the user’s perspective – first-hand and how to design a website that helps you get exactly what you need. Web designers first find out what problems their customers have, then design a web solution for them and develop and test the website before releasing it. UX designers look for solutions for their users, and web designers work through the problem – the solution process. Once a website is launched, the web designer is often involved in further testing of the website, collecting feedback from users and repeating the design. Web designers try to “solve” the problems of their customers and the UX designer from the perspective of their users. 

After all, UX design is a collaborative process where communication is critical, and the fluency of a website and programming terminology will also give you a boost that cannot be ignored. One of the biggest advantages of the transition from web design to UX design is the overlap between the two design areas. The overlap of web design and UX design is ideal to do things like continuously improving your website with user data. 

Web design as a component of web development also relies on all aspects of user research to show that aesthetics help one to achieve the best user experience for your consumer base.

What We Do

  • Branding
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Brochures
  • Stationery
  • Proof of concepts
  • Presentations
  • Promo Videos
  • Slideshows
  • User Interface (UI)
  • Users Experience (UX)
  • Web Layouts

Our Workflow

In what way do you think of your business? Should it have a striking visual approach or a subtle one? Should it have an authoritative voice tone or one that is chatty/conversational? At Wpakanda, we understand that your branding and styling need to match your approach to pass the appropriate message through customer interactions and this is why we design products that employ a cohesive brand approach over multiple channels to target the right customers and get them interested from the moment they see, hear or watch your brand. 

At Wpwakanda, our in-house designers are versed in brand creation and have taken published works for press advertisements, company stationery, brochure, vehicular signwriting, and keynotes. We will work to establish your goals and values by finding out what has and hasn’t worked historically to merge the user base that you need to reach and establish target demographics. We will then work hand-in-hand with you to jumpstart the creative branding process from iconography, color palettes, typography, and even to the writing style for your content whether they are online for blogs, documentation & guides, or offline in brochures, flyers, etc. As we build every element, we have the single shared goal of establishing your corporate branding with a voice that will be heard even through the chatter of your competitors. Visit our pricing page to learn more.

Table of Contents

Digital solutions that bring results
Strategy, technology and design are the cornerstones of the development of strong online solutions that support and strengthen our customers’ business

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