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Building a website is easy … building an experience is hard but necessary to help you properly establish a unique identity online. 

This is where we come in as team to help you succeed.

In a world full of quirky bots and lackluster web experiences, we’ve taken the time to optimize our strategy and services to make them as humanly oriented as possible.

We provide a unique dashboard for each client with details on all the services they’re subscribed to including access to our payment portal, invoices, color picker and an always available live-chat.

As an agency with multiple areas of expertise, it’s important that we’re able to represent our services in a structure that works for both ourselves and clients. 

The social and email marketing portion of our service emphasizes on ROI (return on investment) which is heavily dependent on our premium tools and corresponding analytic data that shows true representation of our work in marketing your business across respective channels. This model is also applicable to our landing page services.

Our project-based service on the other hand heavily relies on the collaboration of multiple people as these projects usually have specific requests. Depending on the scale and category, we may charge a corresponding hourly/flat rate. 

Optionally, our turnkey solution (Kanda Create) is available for a monthly subscription to help bridge the gap in our service offerings for those that may otherwise not be able to afford our traditional bespoke offerings.

Lastly,we provide custom-based plans for our business clients that typically have multiple web services or servers to manage. If you fall under this category, visit our contact page for a quote. 

  • 24/7 support from your dashboard
  • Web design and branding included
  • 1 year maintenance bundled
  • 3 months priority ticket (requires a subscription after)
  • Get your brand published on over 80+ reputable news sites  in the United States and around the world including NBC,  Fox News, CBS and more. Terms and Conditions apply. 

Not only is WordPress increasing breaking grounds in the web development space, it is also the most popular CMS (content management system) used by Fortune 500 companies including Facebook as well.

In the world of web development, the saying that you get what you pay for holds quite true so why not pay for what will ensure your success in long run?

Arguable, yes if considering the number of websites that get hacked but it’s important to remember that no two WordPress based website are built the same … and that goes for sh*tty websites built on WordPress as well. 

The beauty of WordPress is how extensible it is when it comes to customization. Also, the WordPress codebase is open and publicly developed so in the end, it comes down to your experience and what you’re able to accomplish with the platform. 

Considering our well-versed experience in this space, we are able to hone our expertise to deliver on our promises. 

Our web development services include automated spam and virus removal – free automated malware care packages (that you’d otherwise have to purchase separately from our competitors), round the clock system monitoring and vulnerability report, firewall protection and daily scans.  

In a world oriented towards automation, the human element is often left unattended. It’s quite the opposite here at WPWakanda.

Asides G Suites (Google Workspace) for our email provision, we’ve intentionally kept our service affiliations to a bare minimum in order foster a well-rounded experience that’s personalized. 

At WPWakanda, we pride ourselves in being able to deliver experiences for our end users irrespective of their budget. “Kanda Create” lowers the barrier of entry for businesses that otherwise would miss out on our services by utilizing our template system with a one time onboarding fee to encourage enterpreneurs that may other lack the initial fund for a completely custom experience. You may consider Kanda Create a stepping stone for something more when your financial situation might have improved. 


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